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World Usability Day T-shirt Design Ideas

World Usability Day offers user experience professionals a single day each year to celebrate usable design. John Hockenberry, this year’s chair, recently told us that “the opposite of usable design is useless design”. The world is already filled with useless design. World Usability Day is on November 11, 2010.

DFW-UPA was selected as a Partner Event for World Usability Day. Kevin Schumacher, a local designer in the Dallas area, created six different t-shirt designs that we will use at our partner event. Kevin took this year’s theme of Communication and looked at it from several different perspectives.

Feel free to use these designs. Enjoy!

Design 1: A Kid’s Communication Toy

Here is a playful design that celebrate a communication toy that kids have built for many years.

Kid Communication Toy T-Shirt

Download PDF file.

Design 2: Megaphone: Make Your Voice Loud

Think sports fan, police, band leader, cheerleader, and so on. Here is a design to make your voice loud.

Download the PDF file.

Design 3: Silhouette

Your inner nerd gets an extreme makeover with this silhourtte t-shirt design.

Shadow Person T-shirt

Download the PDF.

Design 4: Braille

This design spells out the word “Communication” in Braille above World Usability Day 2010.

Braille Tshirt

Download the PDF file.

Design 5: Sign Language

Like the Braille t-shirt, shis design spells out the word “Communication” in sign language above World Usability Day 2010.

sign language tshirt

Download the PDF file.

Design 6: Multiple Languages

After meeting some designers, Kevin decided to combine the Braille and Sign Language t-shirt designs. He added Morse code, too. In all cases, the word is “Communication” — the WUD 2010 theme.

Braille, Sign, and Morse Code for Communication

Download the PDF.

Be sure to attend a World Usability Day event near you on November 11, 2010.

2 Responses

  1. Brian, I really like the idea of # 6 but no one will know that those languages mean communication. Can we put the word “Communication” under World Usability Day? Otherwise I’m afraid it doesn’t communicate communications. : )

    1. Hi Judith —

      We played around with the idea of having the word “Communication” spelled out there. It does remove alot of the cleverness of the tshirt to have it spelled out. Kevin is going to put it up on Cafe Press. We will try to get it described there.


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