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Get Connected on World Usability Day

This year’s theme for World Usability Day is Communication. When you consider the proliferation of smartphones, the emergence of social networks, and the emergence of 3G and 4G, communication is the most important user experience issue facing us today.

On World Usability Day 2010, we challenge you to get connected with user experience and usability enthusiasts from around the world by getting on the Connection Wall.

What’s the Connection Wall?

The Connection Wall (powered by Eventbrite) gives you the opportunity to put your Twitter and Facebook userids on the World Usability Day site. The Connection Wall lets other user experience enthusiasts know that you believe in good design, usability, accessibility, and user experience.
Get Connected on the Connection Wall

The Connection Wall also allows you to donate money to support the continuing efforts of the World Usability Day operations. Elizabeth Rosenzweig wants to have the United Nations recognize World Usability Day in an official capacity. Let’s help her with this next operation by getting on the Connection Wall.

See you on the Connection Wall (powered by Eventbrite)!

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