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10 Ways to Improve Your Web Content

Inverted PyramidHere are 9 ways to improve your web content:

  1. Dominant headlines draw the eye when your audience enters a page.
  2. Use sub-headings to break up your content into scannable chunks.
  3. Create significant sub-titles rather than clever marketing ones.
  4. Highlight important words with color or bold text.
  5. Pictures should be obvious and meaningful to your message. (I left the picture out on purpose here.)
  6. Use underlined text for links only.
  7. Use lists because they are easy to scan.
  8. Avoid long paragraphs, using only one idea per paragraph.
  9. Start with the conclusion and build out (also called a pyramid style).

Lastly, the 10th point, you need to be genuine and credible. Avoid using a marketing style (people hate it). Always quote your sources with outbound links (see below).


How Users Read on the Web (Nielsen)
What We Saw When We Looked Through Their Eyes (Poynter)
You Are Just Skimming This Article (Perez)
More than Meets The Eye (Google Research)
Why Users Scan Instead of Read (Nielsen)Inverted Pyramid

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