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[Video] Bill Scott’s Designing with Lenses: Learning from Other Design Crafts

Bill Scott, Director of UI Engineering at Netflix, discusses how different design lenses can inspire the Big Designer in each one of us. For example, if you look at the Design Lens of Simplicity/Complexity, you will ask yourself many questions. Bill explains these questions for Simplicity/Complexity include:

  1. Are you striking the right balance between simplicity and complexity?
  2. Are the main things simple? Does complexity emerge?
  3. Does the balance match the context of use?

Bill’s talk really impressed the organizers because it takes the spirit of the Big Design Conference to heart, expressing it thoughtfully and elegantly. We need to learn from other design crafts. It is beyond inspiration, too. These crafts lead to bigger ideas and innovation. Designing with lenses is Big Design. Watch this video a few times and take notes. Finally, you may want to subscribe to the Big Design Podcasts on iTunes or check out Big Design TV episodes. Watch this great presentation after the jump. Enjoy!

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