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[Video] Profit & Non-Profit Panel: What We Can Learn From Each Other

We included only one panel at the Big Design Conference in 2010. It was the profit & non-profit panel. We gathered two folks that work at for profit companies (Brett Duncan and Jim Carlsen-Landy) and two folks who work for non-profit organizations (Laura Humphreys and Christian Caldwell). We were interested to know what for-profit and non-profit companies could learn from one another. Some interesting facts about the panelists:

  1. Brett Duncan was one of the first speakers for the first Ignite Dallas.
  2. Jim Carlsen-Landey is a former President of DFW-UPA.
  3. Christian Caldwell works at the American Heart Association.
  4. Laura Humphrey’s wrote the Boy Scouts Handbook.

The panelists were insightful talking about how designers need to be politically saavy in both type of companies. The scrappy nature of non-profit workers was something that for-profit panelists admired. The scale of for-profit companies was admired by the non-profit panelists. Finally, you may want to subscribe to the Big Design Podcasts on iTunes or check out Big Design TV episodes. Watch this great presentation after the jump. Enjoy!

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