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[Video] Asking the Right Question: How to Create Effective Surveys

Elisa Miller decided to share her passion for creating effective surveys a Big Design 2010. Elisa believes the strength of surveys come from your ability to write effective questions. Survey strengths include:

  • You can do large sampling
  • Your flexibility to use for a number of circumstances
  • Your ability to describe large things about a population

Surveys are an indirect data collection method, which supplements direct data collection methods (such as usability testing, phone interviews, and contextual inquiries).

Tips for Creating Your Questions

Elisa shares with you some practical advice on how to craft your survey questions. Here are a few nuggets that will learn by watching the video:

  • Make sure the question applies to person
  • Ask one question at a time
  • Use simple and familiar words (no jargon)
  • Make sure “Yes” means yes, and “No” mean no
  • Be sure the questions specifies the response task

You may want to take notes during this video, as Elisa gives you alot of tips and tricks that you can use. Enjoy!

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