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Big Design Book Store by Book Carriage

Book Carriage to run Big Design BookstoreIf you ever get a chance to visit the Book Carriage in Roanoke, you will be treated to heartfelt experience by Angie Granados and her staff. The Book Carriage is a local bookstore, which specializes in a home town feel. You can find book clubs there–children’s stories, Sherlock Holmes group, bi-lingual stories, and more. You open the doors to smell freshly brewed coffee and Texas baked goods. The Book Carriage is also going to be running the Big Design Conference book store, too.

You will get the chance to choose from over 60 different design and user experience books offered by Angie and her staff. You will find several of our authors books, too. We are going to ask Russ Unger, Nathan Shedroff, and Joshua Clark to sign copies of thier books, too. We will be giving away a few copies of the Rosenfeld Media books, during the conference. You will want to visit the book store a couple of times. Buy a copy for yourself, your boss, and a co-worker.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We hear people telling us that books are going out of style. We think that is a bunch of malarky. You always want to see the printed word with highlights and dog-eared pages. Kindles, iPads, and other e-readers are great for reading the classics. But, books for work, inspiration, or design are something that you need feel, touch, and see for your self.

Visit Angie at the Big Design Conference to pick out your design books to satisfy your inner nerd. Then, make the trip to her Roanoke store to see her full selection. You can visit the Babe’s Fried Chicken or Twisted Root Hamburgers before your visit. Angie will have coffee, dessert, and books waiting for you.

Ya’ll say thanks to Angie for all her hard work. Support this local bookstore. Buy several books.

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