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Listen to a Designer’s Mix from Cameron Moll

You will love the Designer’s Mix site, which plays mixes of music created by designers for the listening pleasures of other designers. I really enjoy the cover art that the designers create for their mixes, too.

I keep listening to the Cameron Moll’s mix called Film Sessions. In this mix, you will recognize songs from popular movies like Batman Begins, Chronicles of Narnia, and The Village. Each song seems to blend in with the next one. Crank up the headphones and jam to some movie music. Enjoy!

Designers Mix: Film Sessions by Cameron Moll

3 Responses

  1. Can’t do emo. 🙁 I have numerous DesignTyme playlists. Usually mostly classic rock with a blues edge such as Cream, Zep, Tull, Floyd, Petty, Stevie Ray, The Who, etc with some contemporary such as Moby, DCFC, Decemberists, thrown in. It needs to move me but not distract me. Other times, just Moby or Enya. Classical music is too busy – makes me nervous.

  2. Janice James

    Thanks for sharing! This I can listen to while working. Anything with words makes me listen to the words instead of focusing on my work. Nice mix.

    1. I am right there with you, Janice. i am still trying to figure out how Keith Anderson can listen to heavy metal music and work. I am listening to it, again.I love the music from Chronicles of Narnia. I think Cameron Moll would be a good speaker for Big Design, too.

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