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Where is Big Design Week 2011?

Addison Lecture Hall  Seats 100 People!

Where is Big Design Week 2011? Same Big Design place. Same Big Design value.

We are back in the Addison Lecture Hall at the Crowne Plaza in Addison for Big Design Week 2011 on November 14-18 (right before Turkey Week). You recall the Addison Lecture Hall, right? It was jam packed during the Big Design Conference back in July. The room easily seats 100 people in tiered rows with plenty of power and Internet connectivity for everyone. It is an ideal place to learn and network.

Learn, Baby, Learn

You will feel like you are back in college complete with a lecture hall and instructors. We designed the classes to be full day workshops that you can take independently or together. Pick the topics that interest you.

If you decide to take the full week of workshops, you will learn about brainstorming, prototyping, content strategy, usability, secrets of Adobe CS 5, and motion graphics. You will learn how to design, maintain, and test your products. Plus, the last two days are all about bells and whistles.

Network, Baby, Network

As with any conference, you get the chance to learn and network. We are planning to have breaks throughout the day. Some team building exercises and interactivity. We will be taking a long lunch break (1.5 hours to break bread with your new friends). You will want to visit the sponsor booth each day to learn about new and interesting products and services for you.

Crowne Plaza in Addison

The Crowne Plaza offer loads of amenities to make you feel right at home. You can network with people at the restaurant or bar. You can travel to over 30 local eateries with a 2 miles radius of the hotel. It is the ideal place to network. Take a video tour of the Crowne Plaza.

Seating is Limited!

Here is a dirty secret: seating is limited. We can only take 100 people per class. We do expect most of the days to sell out, too. Register today. The Addison Lecture Hall seats just 100 people. We expect some worshops to sell out before November 1st.

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