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November 16 Workshop: Agile UX Boot Camp Details

November 18: Agile UX Workshop DetailsYou don’t have to work in an agile environment to inject time-saving, scrappy usability methods into your projects. These techniques help usability professionals and designers to meet tight deadlines while informing their design decisions. Scrappy usability methods fit nicely into agile approaches and other rapid processes. In this workshop, you will learn about scrappy UX methods from an agile project manager, an agile coach, and a usability professional. You’ll then get to apply these new skills by working together in groups to conduct a survey and mini usability test.

Register today. We expect to sell out!

Who Should Come

Beginners, experienced usability professionals, and designers will all benefit from this workshop. These proven methods increase your existing toolkit and apply to anyone doing usability on tight deadlines or looking to save time on larger projects.

What You Will Learn

  • How to manage UX deliverables with tight deadlines
  • Where designers and usability professionals fit on agile teams
  • How to develop a scrappy UX mindset on your project
  • 5 agile techniques you can use on projects with tight deadlines
  • 10 different usability methods you can do within two weeks

Meet Your Instructors

Jim Carlsen-Landy is Director of User Experience for Sabre Airline Solutions. He’s responsible for the standards and practice of user experience across the portfolio, as well as overseeing development of several GUI-centric products. If you’ve flown recently, chances are Jim’s team helped design the software the airline used to do everything from determining the price of your ticket to getting you on the plane and making sure there were enough soft drinks in-flight. Jim opens your day with his insights from years of experience managing designers and usability professionals on agile teams. Jim explains approaches for gaining stakeholder acceptance, negotiating for more resources, and partnering with project owners in a fast-paced environment.

Caleb Jenkins is the founder and Principal Mentor at Proaction Mentor(s) a group of enterprise architects and software coaches that help development teams adopt better software engineering practices. Caleb has also served time as a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and Senior Software Architect at Six Flags Corporation, and a Principal with Improving Enterprises. Caleb is well known for his engaging speaking style, depth of knowledge and creative energy. Caleb starts your second hour with lessons on how UX can fit into agile teams and some agile techniques you can use.

Brian SullivanBrian Sullivan is a usability engineer, UX community organizer, and industry speaker from Dallas, Texas. His professional experience spans 22 years, helping him provide product teams with usability and design advice to improve customer experience and increase usability. Brian spends an inordinate amount of time engaging with the best in the field through organizing events, including monthly DFW-UPA meetings, quarterly workshops, and the annual Big Design Conference. Brian guides the workshop afternoon through a series of usability methods and techniques that you can use within a two-week sprint or save time on larger projects.

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