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Recap of Big Design Week 2011

Attendees at Big Design Week 2011We had a great time at Big Design Week 2011, where you had the opportunity to pick between several different workshops. By the end of the week, we had over 100 people attend the various workshops. DFW-UPA and Onward Search sponsored Big Design Week 2011. During the week,several major announcements were made. These announcements included the initial details of Big Design Conference 2012, Onward Search is the first sponsor of next year’s conference, and the keynote speakers were announced.

Monday’s Workshop: from Concept to Prototype

Preston McCauley kicked off the week with a workshop on how to turn concepts into prototypes. In this workshop, Preston had the attendees go through a series of exercises on how to define your project, working with difficult people, and scoping out your project.

Preston McCauley at Big Design Week 2011

Wednesday’s Workshop: Agile UX Boot Camp

Wednesday’s workshop was an Agile UX Boot Camp ran by Jim Carlsen-Landy, Caleb Jenkins, and Brian Sullivan. Jim Carlsen-Landy started this workshop by explaining how UX and agile development projects share a common language and similar goals. Next, Calen Jenkins (an agile coach) provided some ways UX designers could work with agile project managers. In the afternoon, Brian Sullivan ran attendees through 5 different UX methods and 5 different usability methods. Participants worked individually, with their neighbors, and on teams.

Brian Sullivan at Big Design Week 2011

Thursday’s Workshop: Secrets of Creative Suite 5

On Thursday, AJ Wood provided attendees with secrets of Creative Suite 5. AJ gave hs insights on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. On student said, “I learned more in this one-day workshop, then in my last two university classes.” Aj spotlighted several of his online videos from his YouTube channel.

AJ Wood at Big Design Week 2011

Friday’s Workshop: Essentials of Motion Graphics

On Friday, J Schuh (@TexasAnimator) told his attendees about the essentials of motion graphics. J also explained how designers are going to need to know motion graphics as more designs become interactive on tablets, computers, and mobile devices. Participants ended up learning and sketching over 30 different concepts dealing directly with motion.

J Schuh at Big Design Week 2011

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