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[2 Minute Video] Digital Native Baby Sees a Magazine as a Broken iPad

In a previous article, I asked a simple question: “Are you a digital native or digital immigrant?”  Digital natives grow up with technology and it affects how they deal with everyday interactions and relationships.  Digital immigrants are adjusting to technology being introduced in their life time.

Caleb Jenkins, a UX developer, sent me this video called “A Magazine is a Broken iPad.”  Watch this short video and see my comments below.

Did You Notice These Things About the Baby?

You probably noticed identical physical movements, as the baby swipes and pinches both the iPad and the magazine.  You can also see the baby testing out the physical nature of each device by flipping over the iPad and turning the pages of the magazines.  Verbally, you can see the baby laughing and talking with both the magazine and iPad.  Most noticeably, you see the baby laugh, talk, and squeal with delight when interacting with the iPad.  The baby talks and whines when swiping and pinching does not work on the magazines.

At the end of the video, the father boldly writes that his daughter will always see a magazine as an iPad that does not work.  I will disagree with this statement wholeheartedly.  The baby will forever measure “magazine” content based upon both digital delivery systems (iPads, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tablets) and traditional media (magazine, books, newspapers).  She is a true digital native.  When his daughter grows up, she will understand the difference between an iPad and a printed magazine.

Who knows?  His daughter might actually prefer printed magazines over iPad apps.

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