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Get Mental Notes, Help Out a Guy in Need

Got Mental NotesIf you have been around web design conference, Stephen P. Anderson is someone you may have heard talking about how psychology can create more seductive interfaces and interactions on sites, apps, and products. Stephen Anderson is a gifted teacher, who seems to read everything, absorb it, and make it meaningful to designers. He is truly a gifted teacher and speaker. If you are in Dallas for the Big Design Conference (May 31 to June 2, 2012), you will get to hear Stephen talk as one of our keynote speakers, too. Register today!

Get Mental Notes Today!

If you have not got the 52 cards that make up “Mental Notes”, you can treat yourself, co-workers, or a friend to a wonderful gift and help out Keith Anderson. Stephen is doing a wonderful thing on his site. Let’s have Stephen explain it (pulled directly from his site):

Fellow Big (D)esigner Keith Anderson needs our help. For more than a month, Keith has in been in the hospital, fighting medical complications resulting from pancreatitis and pneumonia. You can find out more about his situation at and Big (D)esign.

Inspired by similar efforts by Adam Connor and Roger Belveal, I’d like to help out in some small way, by helping to ease his family’s financial burden, during what can only be a very trying time.

If you’ve been waiting to buy Mental Notes, or wanted to give a set as a gift, now is the right time. Between now and the end of the year, 50% of all Mental Notes sales will go to a donation fund set up to help out Keith Anderson and his family.

If you prefer to donate directly, you can do so via the ChipIn widget over at the Big (D)esign site.

Thank you!


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