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Designing for Sensors & Future Experiences

Jeremy JohnsonAt Big Design Conference 2012, you are going to want to listen to Jeremy Johnson talk about designing for sensors and future experiences.  Think about it:  Are you ready for the next ten years? Wireframes and prototypes may not be enough.  Jeremy will take you on a tour of what Design problems of the future look like, from designing for sensors to walls of screens.
With the advent of sensor-based technology, we are designing more for gestures and voice commands. How do we interact in space without tactile feedback? How do we design for universal gestures?
What does a future full of screens and software look like? When everything is an interface, and hardware disappears – what are the tools and methods to tackle this design problems.
Listen to Jeremy predict what trends you should be keeping your eyes on to stay on the top of your game – and why you’ve picked the right career.
What You Will Learn
  • You’ll get a view of what’s out there on the edge of experiences
  • Examples of future sensor based systems
  • Examples of future touch and mobile interfaces
  • Design methods for sensor and touch interfaces

About Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy has been at the forefront of Design and User Experience for years – with a passion for what’s next. Directing User Experience for international brands, Jeremy has a knack for connecting Design, development and business – leading teams from ideation to launch.  He has extensive experience with technology, travel, gaming, and any number of gadgets – which he’ll be sure to show you when you meet. Behind a camera, or in front of an audience, you won’t miss him or his hair.
Jeremy is one of the original organizers of the Big Design Conference.  Jeremy came up with the name of the conference and designed its swanky logo.  Jeremy also designs the signage, t-shirts, and conference swag.
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