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Introducing MyPhoneStone

MyPhoneStone is just one of the swanky, cool gifts that Roger Belveal is giving away on his kickstarter project.  Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how you could help us build the artwork for the Big Design Conference trade show.  Roger’s desire is to create five different phone statues and arrange them like Stonehange.  Roger’s art will be interactive and engaging.  MyPhoneStone is your chance to support Roger’s kickstarter project and walkaway with a cool piece of art, too.


MyPhoneStone is called “The 99 Crush!” With a pledge of just $99, you can transform your own smart phone into a touchable piece of art right on your desktop! You would be surprised at how many people stopped by to see MyPhoneStone, when had it placed on a table in a busy hallway at work. In just 15 minutes, we have 30 people stop and ask about it. Several people took out their own phone to take a picture of MyPhoneStone, too.

Sometimes, You Just Want a T-shirt

Roger has also designed some t-shirts for a pledge of just $42. Why forty-two dollars? Roger is keeping it a mystery from us. I do know it was the number worn by Jackie Robinson, when he broke into Major League Baseball. Roger had a wry smile, when I told him my theory.

The t-shirts come in two styles. The first t-shirt is called “No Sissy Art”.
Front: belveal logo, Back: “NO SISSY ART”

The second t-shirt is called “Think Outside the Glass”
Front: My Favorite Machine #3, Back: “Think outside the glass”


These are high quality silkscreen printed shirts. If you have been waiting to support Roger, don’t delay. You can support his kickstarter project, see the finished MyPhoneHenge at the conference, and get one of these great gifts, too.

MyPhoneStone! You know you want one.

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