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Top 10 Reasons to Book a Room for Big Design 2012

So, you have been waiting to book a room for Big Design 2012.  We compiled a list of 10 reasons to book a room.  Enjoy!

  1. Be Known as One of the “300.”  We need to book 300 room nights to keep costs down.  The conference space free, as long as we book 300 room nights.  Help us keep costs down.  Become one of the “300”.  This is Sparta…uh, Big Design!
  2. It’s Just Plain Fun.  The conference is not all about work.  You get a chance to play with like-minded people.  Mock gambling, playing video games, testing new products, tweeting about stuff, and more.  Why miss anything?  Book a room.
  3. Value.  You get a great rate of just $89 per night, when you use the conference code of BDS at theCrownePlaza.  BDS stands for Big Design, Sexy.  Seriously, we think you are sexy, when you book a room at the hotel!
  4. Networking.  Stay at the hotel, so you can network with your new friends, meet a potential client, land a new job, play at Casino Night, watch a movie, and more.  You can do it all, and then walk to your hotel room.
  5. Special Access.  We are going to have a Patio Party on Friday night before Casino Night.  You can only get into the Patio Party with your room key.  You get the details when you check-in at the Crowne Plaza.
  6. Location, Location, Location.  All of the events are happening at the Crowne Plaza—workshops, conference talks, trade show, parties, casino night, movie night, and meetups.  It is the place to be in Dallas on June 1 and 2.
  7. Impress Your Friends.  Go back to the office with battle-tested ideas.  Brag about how stayed at the same hotel as the Big Design speakers.  Gossip about all the shenanigans you saw at the hotel.  They’ll be jealous.
  8. Employment Opportunities.  Jobs are coming back, especially for User Experience professionals.  You can easily find 10 companies looking to hire people in the trade show.  Stay at the hotel to maximize these opportunities.
  9. Hang Out with the Speakers.  Most of the speakers are staying at the hotel.  You can get them to sign a book, ask them a burning question, buy them a beer, or just listen to them.  It is your chance to dance with the stars.
  10. Help Us Keep Costs Down.  We have done our best to keep your costs low.  Become one of the “300.”  We want you to have a low-cost, high value experience.  300 room nights really helps us out.  We need your help.

Hey Locals, Get a Room!

Hey locals, treat this conference like any out of town one. Who wants the whip of driving home? Who wants to get up early the next day? Who wants to miss a party? Who wants a chance to win a swanky prize? The answer, obviously, is nobody. Locals, we want you to get a room, too.

Reserve Your Room Now

You can book a room now via one of the following methods:

1. Go to the Crowne Plaza website.
2. Enter the dates you want to stay for the Big Design Conference.
3. Enter Group Code BDS (for Big Design, Sexy).

By Phone
1. Call the Hotel at 972-980-8877.
2. Push 1 for reservations.
3. Ask for the block code BDS (for Big Design, Sexy).

If you have any difficulty please contact us and let us know so we can help out.

Directions to the Hotel
The Crowne Plaza is located at:
14315 Midway Road
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 980-8877


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