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Your Multimedia & Film Speakers for Big Design 2012

We added a Multimedia & Film track this year because we noticed several things.  Multi-media and Film Designers use many of the same tools as UX designers.  Plus, they deal with many of the same pressures–the emergence of social media, difficult personalities, tight deadlines, crazy release schedules, and very detailed work.  Multi-media and Film Designers are brothers of a different UX mother.  You don’t want to miss these great talks.  These speakers have worked on Iron Man, Spider-man, Halo Wars, Jimmy Nuetron, and more.  You can see them in the credits of Walt Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films.

Get your tickets today! You are going to enjoy these talks.

LeeAnne Locken. Social Media for Radio/Film/TV Talent

LeeAnne Locken is a model, actress, spokesperson, and more.  You might recognize her from Miss Congeniality or her co-hosting during on Dallas morning shows. LeeAnne is very active in social media using it to further her career and connect to fans.  This talk is about creative ways for radio/ tv/ film personalities to use social media to advance their careers, help causes they support, talk with their fans, get leads on potential projects, and more. Social media allows celebrities to actively marketing themselves. In this talk, you will learn the essentials of social media, common pitfalls, hear real-world success stories, and more.

Keith Alcorn.  From Film Concept to Release

Keith Alcorn was nominated for an Oscar for the animated film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.  Find out how to unlock your concepts to a final film or animated release from Keith Alcorn. Learn how to negotiate the business side of film and animation, while balancing the creative side of a production. Keith will share stories from his experience on projects, such as The Ant Bully, Jimmy Neutron, and Santa vs the Snowman.

Morgan Hanson. Herding Cats–Dealing with Creative Personalities

Morgan Hanson wins Addy awards almost annually.  He deals with many strong, creative personalities.  You have seen the commercial where a cowboy talks about herding cats. For Morgan Hanson, he herds creative “cats” in his daily work. Morgan explains how creatives need to move beyond their typical roles in specific silos to better understand the business needs of flexibility, time to market, social channels, and more. If you think you have a hard time herding cats, wait until you hear Morgan’s talk about his advertising campaigns, commercials, and short films. People who can successfully herd cats are more effective and efficient at meeting their deadlines and working with creative personalities.

Brett Briley. Digital Sculpting with ZBrush

ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool used by movie, game, and animation designers to create high-resolution models. Besides sculpting, ZBrush allows designers to model, texture, and paint their models, which includes digitally storing the lighting, color, and depth information for very detailed renderings.

In this talk, Brett Briley will demonstrate Zbrush techniques for developing characters for games and 3d printing. Brett will also talk about his artistic process. Plus, you will get to see examples from his own portfolio (which includes work at Disney and ID Software).

Dan Kuenster. Delivering Animation and Games in Schools

Dan Kuenster has worked on many animated films, such The Land Before Time, An American Tail, and The Secret of NIMH.  Dan will discuss the technology and artistry behind the online education software company, istation. They will discuss the process of delivering an effective educational program using proprietary software, and the challenges presented across different platforms. istation is a Dallas based company that has developed a series of assessments and interactive curriculum that monitors and strengthens student’s progress in the classroom. Creative solutions give struggling students a new perspective on learning in a fun game-like environment. Come see how technology is transforming education, and reshaping how students succeed.

Will Nicholson. The Life of a Visual Effects Shot

Will works on summer blockbusters like Spider-man, Iron Man, and Fantastic Four.  He specializes in particulate matter special effects shots. Design is in the details.  If you think you are detail-oriented, wait until you meet Will and see his work.

You would be absolutely shocked and amazed at how many people, how much effort, and how many different disciplines it really takes to achieve a director’s vision for one special effects shot in a movie. Will Nicholson knows what it takes to create special effects shots from summer blockbusters like Spider-man, Ghost Rider, The Mummy, Sin City, Iron Man, Seven Pounds, and (yes) Snakes on a Plane. Will is currently working on a horror film. Will plans to show you different shots from his past. You will learn about the life of a special effects show from concept to creation to release. This talk is like a real-live DVD extra!

Get your tickets today!

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