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Contest: Bad Design Gets You to Big Design 2012

Bad Gun

Announcing the Bad Design Gets You into Big Design Contest!  Bad design is everywhere–the local pizzeria menu, music videos involving David Hasselhoff, even the 2012 Olympics logo (seriously London, what gives?)
Now is your chance to find the worst design ever made and snag yourself a ticket to the Big Design Conference in Dallas on June 1 and 2.
Scour the Internet for bad design.  Poke fun of yourself.  Make something up.  Just post a picture to our Facebook page.  We want you to show the BEST of the WORST.
Get creative and have some fun!

Contest Rules

The rules are simple:

1) ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook.
2) Post an example of bad design to our page.

3) Spread the word to share some laughs!

The Big Design judges will announce a winner on Monday, May 21. The winner earns a free ticket to the Big Design Conference in Dallas (over a $200 value!)

Keep It Clean, People!

What we’re looking for: Ugly, sloppy, eye assaulting, and just plain bad design. C’mon, do your worst. Humor is encouraged. The more outrageous, the better.

What will get you disqualified: The internet may be full of dirty pictures, but please, don’t post it here. We will be forced to disqualify anything illegal or highly offensive. No racism, sexism, paraphernalia, pornography, or VERY strong language. Keep it PG-13.

No politically offensive stuff, either.  Save that for the election, your lawn, and your car.

Start date: RIGHT NOW
Final submission date: Friday, May 18
Winner announced: Monday, May 21

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