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Help Us, Help Roger! Get a Free Ticket to the Conference

Roger Belveal Poses With His ArtI rarely make personal appeals of the Big Design community.  In the last four years, I have only done two appeals.  The first appeal was to help us to offset costs for Keith Anderson, while he was in the hospital fighting for his life.  You helped us to raise $12,000 to pay for his mortgage for several months.  You can see Keith Anderson and his daughter at the conference this year.

The second appeal was to help Dana Chisnell to kickstart a project to get Voter Field Guides into the hand of election officials this year.  At the time, Dana was $3,000 short of her goal of $15,000.  You came through for Dana’s project, again.  Dana’s project ended up getting over $20,000 in kickstarter funding.  She is producing the field guides now.  You can see Dana at the conference this year.

The latest appeal is your chance to help Roger Belveal offset the costs associated with creating some geek artwork for the Big Design Conference 2012.  If you attended last year, you got to see Roger’s piece called My Favorite Machine.  We spotlighted three 6-foot tall sculptures shaped as iPhones as the center-piece of the Big Design trade show.  People loved them.  He needs our help to offset the costs of the latest art, which is going to be bigger and interactive.

Introducing MyPhoneHenge

MyPhoneHenge is a sequel to My Favorite Machine.  MyPhonehenge, as the name implies is a circle of monoliths, each a smartphone abstracted into an individual statement about technology, design, history, and the interaction of people to machines and people to people. Like its names sake, it is a dichotomy of mystery and blunt straightforwardness.  MyPhoneHenge will have interactive elements, where you can make things move and twist.  Digital devices will be embedded into the art, so you can play with an element on one device, while it shows up on another piece of the art.

It is ambitious.  And, it is expensive!

Watch this video as Roger explains about MyPhoneHenge.

Top 10 Reasons to Donate to this Project

  1. For a $150 donation, you get a free conference ticket.  Limited supply.  Better hurry!  Support the art and see the art.  Only 30 tickets available at this donation level.
  2. Get some cool prizes.  The conference ticket is cool.  But, wait….there is more.  Roger has some cool prizes on the MyPhoneHenge Kickstarter page.  He has t-shirts and some phone stands called MyPhoneStone.  You gotta have this small version of MyPhoneHenge to take with you.
  3. You are supporting the conference and the art.  You can become a Big Design Conference insider.  You are part of the in-crowd.  And, the art squad.  You are special and important.
  4. Your donation makes a huge difference.  Every dollar counts!  Roger has already went over his budget.  He has spent alot of his own money on this project.  Skip your coffee and support the art.
  5. You help to accomplish something by the start of June.  You don’t have to wait to see the results.  On June 1st, Roger is going to unveil the art.  Let’s help him with his June credit card payment by kickstarting the project.
  6. Your donation supports something tangible.  You can see the art, touch it, and play with it.  Roger will actually encourage it.  Your donation does not go to something intangible.  Instead, it is real.  Touch it….in an appropriate way, please.
  7. You get public recognition.  All donors are recognized publicly.  Plus, Roger will have your name on full public display at the conference.  Roger plans to tweet how much he loves you, too.  In some cases, it might be shameless recognition.
  8. You get the inside scoop. Roger is providing some cool details that only donors know.  He is walking donors through the actual process of building the sculptures.  Plus, donors get to see videos, pictures, and special updates.
  9. You can connect with other donors.  We mentioned that you can belong to the club of donors supporting the project.  Donors can also choose to follow other donors, chat with them, and post messages.  Donors get this special access because membership has its privileges.
  10. You can answer a prayer.  I know Roger has prayed on how he is going to pay off his credit card.  You can be the answer to his prayer by supporting this project.  His credit card bill is looming.  You can become a donor angel!

Help Support This Project

Every dollar counts.  Give a dollar, it helps.  Skip your Starbucks Frappachino, give $5.  Bring a sack lunch one day, give $10.  You get the idea.  Every dollar counts.

You can donate money on the MyPhoneHenge Kickstarter page or click the picture below.

I have already sent in my $50 and plan to donate more.

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks, Brian and a handfull of others for supporting this effort. I recognize this isn’t a “save the world” cause, but it is cool. And I think people will enjoy it. I also perceive that I am pretty much on my own in bringing it to you.

    – roger

  2. katy lavallee

    So, I donated the $150, but if it doesn’t get fully funded, I don’t get tickets. And it’s not doing so well :(.

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