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Bad Design Got Adam to Big Design 2012

Congratulations to Adam Grabowski, the winner of our 2012 Bad Design Gets You to Big Design Contest!   As his reward, we’re giving him a ticket to the 2012 Big Design Conference on the house.

He truly deserves it. He found us a website so hideous, we couldn’t look at the flashing saturated mess for more than a few minutes. Most web browsers don’t even support the looped audio of cat screeching, which is a real shame, because it really ties the piece together. (Internet Explorer does, unsurprisingly.)
NOTE:  Watch for the running jaguar cat on the bottom left corner.  Priceless!
Thank you to everyone who participated. We enjoyed all the websites with heads transposed on planets, bad green screen effects, and numerous toilets (who knew shower-toilet-combos was a thing?)
For those of you who missed out, visit our Facebook group page (and join) to see all the entries.

Score A Free Ticket to Big Design 2012 with BesticaUX

BesticaUX is running a twitter campaign, where the best tweet of the day to their question get a free ticket to Big Design 2012. Check out the details at their website.

Good luck!

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