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Axis & Allies: The Impact of Design Thinking on WW2

On Friday at the Big Design Conference, the conference buzz was about Ben Judy’s talk called Axis & Allies: The Impact of Design Thinking on World War 2.  Ben stunned the crowd with his analysis of the different design philosophies between the Axis and Allies.  For those of you who don’t know, Ben served in the Army before becoming a top-notch, UX designer.  He is a UX Soldier.

Ben’s analysis of the weapon systems, design standards, and war-time philosophies of the Axis and Allies comes from his unique viewpoint as both a soldier and UX designer.  As a soldier, Ben has an appreciation for guns, tanks, ships, and planes used in the war.  As a UX designer, Ben was able to explain the significance of how the weapons of war were designed. 

Now you can watch a recording of this presentation on YouTube!  See why everyone was talking about this great presentation.

NOTE:  A very special thanks to Ben Judy for recording this session on his own.  Enjoy!

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