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Zuriel Merek’s Music at Big Design 2012

If you attended movie night at Big Design 2012, you got to experience that light sounds of Zuriel Merek and his electric violin. Zuriel is a Fort Worth native, who is working on his first album. You will love the amazing sounds of classical songs played through his electric violin.

A Sample of Zuriel’s Music

Zuriel has provided a small sample of his music using Sound Cloud. Enjoy!

Short Video of Zuriel’s Performance at Big Design 2012

Roger Belveal captured this little video of his performance at Big Design 2012. Listen carefully for someone to say, “Oh, my God!” in amazement at Zuriel’s performance.

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  1. Paula Thornton

    Thanks. I was going to ask you for his name. I have a bunch of videos I need to post. Will update here again when done.

  2. When I first heard Zuriel Merek perform outside the Creative Magma Studios at the Fort worth ArtsGoggle 2011, I became an instant fan. His music is amazing, unlike anything I’ve heard, and I’ve heard a lot of stuff! I could not have been more delighted that my art was being shown in proximity to this music. Techno art and techno spectacular music? How cool is that?

    The match of this creative way-outside-the-box and yet classically-based electric sound is so in line with what we as designers and visual artists aspire to do that I thought, “This guy has to play at BigD!” I am so glad that Brian was able to make this happen. Thank you, Brian! And thank you Zuriel for being willing to come and play music for a bunch of geeks at a totally geeky event! Little did you know, you have been adopted into the DFW geek community as an honorary geek of the highest order.

    We are anxiously looking forward to the release of your first album and hope to have you connected with geeky events to come!

    – roger

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