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[Video] Playing Games with Your Career by Stephen P. Anderson

Stephen Anderson presented on this topic at the 2011 Big Design Conference to a packed room.  It was our first year to do a Career Track.  Stephen nailed it, too.

We love playing games. Yet, when it comes to work, most of us view work and play as polar opposites. Internationally recognized speaker and author Stephen P. Anderson will show you how to find the joy in whatever task is thrown your way– and how to find your own way in the process.

Whether you’re a freelancer or full-time employee, Stephen has something to offer anyone who’s looking for more from their career. Following a gameplay analogy, Stephen will help you:

  • Discover what motivates you as we discuss “player types”
  • Find out what skills you need to play the “career game”
  • Learn how to craft well-formed goals and quests
  • Pick up a few new tools to help you along the way

Tips, anecdotes and examples, plus a healthy dose of interactivity can of course be expected!

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