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Unlock the Magic of Disney, Pixar, and ILM on Sept. 22 in Dallas


Industry Giants 2012 on September 22 in DallasIf you love the movies of Marvel, Disney, Pixar, and Lucas Films, you will want to get a first class seat to the Industry Giants 2012 Conference on September 22nd in Dallas.  At this conference you can see some of the best illustrators, animators, special effects gurus, and character artists in the film and gaming industries.  You can learn from these artists, as they unlock how the magic is done.

In addition to talks, the conference offers Master Classes on the second day.  At the Master Classes, you get to actually learn from these industry veterans on life drawings, environment art for games, figure illustrations, conveying mood with color, and the latest features from popular technology like ZBrush, Fibermesh, Noisemaker, and BPR rendering.

Your 2012 Industry Giants Speakers

Industry Giants 2012 has an awesome set of keynote speakers.  You can watch their work on just about any evening.  Their work includes Up, Toy Story, Cars, Bug Bunny, X-men, Wall-E, Roger Rabbit, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and more.  These artists are industry giants!

Industry Giant 2012 Keynotes


  • Chris Fowler (Pixar Canada).  In his opening keynote (“Lighting the Pixar Way”), you will learn how Pixar uses light and shadow to affect mood, character, setting, and more.  It is your chance to see how Buzz Lightyear moves to “infinity and beyond.  Chris has worked on these Pixar films: Wall-E,Up, Ratatouille, and Toy Story 3.
  • Jason Felix (Game Artist).  In his talk (“Redefining Your Career in the Industry”), Jason Felix will talk about how he has balanced his artistic endeavors with his sharp business mind, as a Concept Artist.  Jason’s work has appeared in video games, films, books, and fine art galleries.  You will recognize his work from established franchises like Prince of Persia, StarCraft, and Hellgate.
  • Tony White (Author, Teacher).  Tony White is a British Academy Award-winning animation director, animator, author, educator, and mentor. Tony worked with Ken Harris (“Bugs Bunny,” “Roadrunner,”), Art Babbit (“Pinocchio,” “Fantasia,”) and Richard Williams (‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, “Raggedy Ann & Andy”).  Tony will be talking about his life lessons and how you can “animate outside the 2-D box.”
  • Ed Mendez (CafeFX).  In his keynote (“Comp Survival Guide”), Ed Mendez will be giving you practical tips and tricks which can help you to be seen, get hired, and stay employed as an artist.  Ed’s portfolio includes work on summer blockbusters like X-men, King Kong, Fantastic Four, and Matrix Revolutions.  In addition, Ed worked on Sin City, HBO’s John Adams mini-series, The Good Shepherd, and more.
  • Krishnamurti M. Costa (Industrial Lights & Magic).  In his keynote (“Becoming a Better CGI Artist”). Kris did not originally start out in the film industry.  He is self-taught and changed careers after a few years.  Kris will talk his life experience and how it helped him to become a better artist.  Kris has worked as animator, modeler, texture artist, rigger and/or lighting artist for movies like The Avengers, Rango, Pan’s Labyrinth, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and more.

Big Design is a Proud Sponsor of Industry Giants

The Big Design team is proud to be a sponsor of industry Giants 2012.  We encourage to attend this conference in Dallas on September 22nd, too.  Learn from the masters of art and science.

If you are a UX designer or developer, you can learn alot from these artists.  Motion, transitions, light, shadow, movement, color, framing, and other concepts will be talking about at this conference.  If you are building a transition into your site, app, or game, you can get inspired by people who actually do this work for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, ILM, CafeFX, and more.  I encourage to go just for the experience and the inspiration, which are the reasons that the Big Design team will be there.

Register today!

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