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October 10th: Design Slam for Non-Profits

Design SlamOn October 10th, join the UX Dallas designers at their second annual Design Slam for Non-Profits.  The design slam is a weeknight event, where you join a group of designers to work on the User Experience for a Dallas-based non-profit or charity.  You sketch wireframes, work on navigation schemas, review content, perform heuristic inspections, do competitive analysis, evaluate SEO strategies, and more.

It is your chance to give back to the Dallas community!

Plus, you get to network with other UX professionals, work on a project together, and show off your design chops.  Free food and drinks are provided.

What Non-Profits Will Be There?

Dallas Give CampThe Design Slam for Non-Profits works with the non-profits and charities from Give Camp Dallas.  Your design work on October 10th at the Design Slam will get implemented on the weekend of October 26th at Give Camp Dallas.

If you can, consider participating in both events.  You help is needed during the Design Slam and Give Camp Dallas.

Working with Give Camp Dallas has these advantages:

  1. All non-profits and charities have been pre-screened by Give Camp Dallas.
  2. Your design work will be used in the Dallas community by these non-profits and charities.
  3. Your design work will also be implemented by developers at Give Camp Dallas
Watch this short video to get an overview of Give Camp by my good friend, Chris Koenig.

What is GiveCamp? from givecamp on Vimeo.

Who Should Come to the Design Slam?

Newbies and advanced UX professionals are encouraged to come to the Design Slam.  For advanced UXers, it is a chance to give back to the community, train new talent, and learn something new.  For newbies, you get to learn from UX professionals, see how the “sausage gets made”, work on a real project, and more.

It is learning by doing.  Sketching, inspecting, questioning, creating, and, yes, slamming out ideas and designs.  It is hands-on and interactive.  We are back at the CTREC-Hilton Academy with the Marlon Monsalve from Paladin Consulting there for support.  Paladin Consulting will be providing pizza, drinks, and support.  You bring the ideas, Paladin Consulting will feed you.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Head over to UX Dallas site to sign up.  The Design Slam for Non-Profits page has all of the necessary information.  If you decide to see the project to completion at Give Camp Dallas, you can work with the Project Leaders at the Design Slam.

Ready! Set! Slam!

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