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Design Slam for Non-Profits Recap

On October 10th, 43 people attended the Design Slam for Non-Profits by the UX Dallas Meetup Group.  The attendees worked with the non-profits and charities from Give Camp Dallas.  The attendees split into seven different teams working with the charities that had been pre-screened by Give Camp Dallas.  The charities included mentor matching, a girls rock camp, job finding, urban youth assistance, and many more.

In one group, the website needed an overhaul of its information architecture.  Three designers worked to look at top-level navigation, WordPress plug-ins, social media integration, and SEO.  On this site, the charity had alot of content.  One designer was amazed at the amount of content that is maintained by one person.

In another group, the website had never been developed.  It had been “under construction” for several years.  The designers were able to come up with wireframes, workflows, a content strategy, typography, and look-n-feel.  The charity owner was overjoyed at how quickly her vision was realized by the designers.

Give Camp Needs Designers

Give Camp DesignersThe Design Slam for Non-Profits was created by the UX Dallas Meetup Group to occur a few weeks before Give Camp Dallas.  The reason is simple:  Give Camp Needs Designers.  Developers started Give Camp.  Developers asked for our help, so we created the Design Slam to ‘jump start” the design process.

We were able to help out 7 of 10 charities at the Design Slam in Dallas!

If you are Designer or a Design Student, I highly recommend that you attend Give Camp to help out local charities in your area.  If you can, organize a Design Slam two weeks before the Give Camp.  The results are astonishing.  The work is appreciated.  You can make a difference!

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  1. What a fantastic idea. What happened to the 3 out of the 10 that you could not help. I think knowing why they did not get anything out of this would be great learning experience for how to avoid pitfalls of this kind of work.

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