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[Video] When Your New UX Job Goes Bad

When you start a new UX job, your hopes run high. You want to improve sales, understand customers, solve problems, and do your best work. In this short video, it is a new Designer’s first day at the company. The Designer excitedly talks to a Manager about making a difference.  The Designer inadvertently walks into several political issues, as the Manager hurls swear words at this poor UX soul.

NOTE:  You will hear some swear words in this video.  And, you will still laugh at this all-too-familiar scene.

Video Transcript

Manager: Hello, you must be the new hire! I’m glad that we finally have a User Experience person in the company.

Designer: Thank you. I am eager to get started.

Manager: That’s good.  We value enthusiasm here at the company.  And, we need a better user experience.

Designer: Well, then, I’d like to tell you about what I can do.  Can you guide me by telling me what to focus on? Sound good?

Manager: Chill.

Designer: I recommend starting by examining the user experience of our products.

Manager: Okay? Fine.

Designer: Then, I want to talk to some customers to learn about their needs and tasks.

Manager: Fine. Wait! No, we can’t talk to customers.

Designer:  Talking to customers is important to focus on product requirements on user tasks.

Manager: You aren’t allowed to talk to customers. Only sales people talk to customers.

Designer: Okay? Well, then I could start with the usability assessment.

Manager: Don’t do that!

Designer: Can you tell me why?

Manager: Uh… products do not have any problems. Customers are just stupid and broke which explains our poor sales numbers. It’s just the economy.

Designer: Okay. I will move directly to design user interfaces for you.

Manager: Our developers design the user interfaces today. And, we cannot change our development process.  So, no you won’t!

Designer: I am experienced in brand strategy and have proven success at increasing sales.

Manager: My marketing department owns the brand.

Designer: Do you have any suggestions for work directions?

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