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Make Your Own Graffiti Gift Wrap

From time to time, I post things from my friend, Julee Dyer.  She runs this nice site called Warm Hot Chocolate, where she shows you how to do arts and crafts with your children and around your home.  I love the projects that Julee does for the holidays.  Julee explains how she had her children create some graffiti gift wrap for some holiday gifts.  It looks like a fun project, too.

What fun this was! I had no idea when I taped half a roll of gift wrap to the floor and put out a few paint brushes, stamps and a selection of paint that my kids would be so thrilled. I was hoping to have enough gift wrap for grandma and grandpa’s presents, but based on the painting party that ensued, I think I could wrap nearly everything under the tree with their designs.

Here’s how the scene went down:

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