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February 2: Lightroom 4 Workshop

Are you new to Adobe Lightroom? Have you installed the program, but don’t have an idea where to begin? Do you want to organize the hundreds (thousands) of photos you already have sitting on your computer hard drive? Do you want to know the difference between Lightroom & Photoshop? Are you a Lightroom 3 ninja confused by the Develop module changes in Lightroom 4? Want to learn which Process Version to use?

A.J. Wood will be teaching Lightroom 4 on Saturday, February 2nd, and you will have a chance to walk away a one year membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud. A pizza lunch will be provided.

What you will learn:

The Library Module

  • Getting Organized Prior to Lightroom
  • What to Watch for When Importing Images
  • Rank, Sort & File Images within the Library
  • Keywording Techniques for Searching Later
  • Manage Folders & Collections by Getting Smart

The Develop Module

  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Serial Profilers White Balance
  • Tone & Adjust Global vs Local Adjustments
  • How Sharp Are You?
  • It’s All in the Preset

The Output Modules

  • Making a Book
  • Slideshow, Print & Web
  • Exporting vs Publishing
  • Moving a Catalog to a different computer/hard drive
Just imagine how Lightroom’s digital workflow can improve your photography. If you’re the type of photographer who likes to shoot photos, and not spend all day processing them, this Lightroom workshop is just what you need.

Price for workshop is $99 with advance registration, or $150 walkup at the door day of the event.

Register today: Lightroom 4 Workshop in Dallas.

About Your Instructor

Call him a creative generalist or digital artisan, A.J. Wood talked so much about Adobe products they had no choice, but to hire him and put his big mouth to use. Ranked as the #1 Adobe Instructor worldwide more than once, you can watch his videos on AJWOOD.COM, find him on Facebook, or chat on Twitter.

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