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Big Design and Industry Giants Team Up!

Big Design and Industry Giants Team UpOn Facebook and Twitter, you may have noticed some hints about two conferences this year.  We can finally answer this mystery.  Big Design Conference and Industry Giants are teaming up for a four-day extravaganza on October 17-20, 2013.

You will have all sorts of designers at this event.  Interactive Designers, Special Effects Gurus, Mobile Designers, User Researchers, Information Architects, Graphic Designers, Marketers, Usability Experts, and more will be here.  Mark your calendars for October 17-20, 2013.  It’s four days, man.

It’s like Woodstock without the music!

Tickets are sold separately.  Get your Big Design 2013 tickets now.  Industry Giants tickets will be on sale soon.

What’s New at Big Design Conference 2013?

Big Design Conference gathers together experts in the fields of user experience, mobile, usability, gaming, content strategy, marketing, SEO, advertising, and design to talk about methods, tools, and best practices.  You will see a mix of industry leaders, newcomers, influencers, and insiders.

At this year’s conference, we are planning to add a few new things:

  • Challenge a friend to a game in the Game Dallas Lounge on Saturday
  • Build a mobile app at the Women in Wireless Hackathon (guys are welcome)
  • See demos of products in the Big Design Demo Room
  • VIP parties at secret locations (if we tell you, it’s not a secret)
  • Visit “Artist Alley” to see some cool stuff from local artisans
  • Check out the “Insult Booth” as we hurl a few barbs at your friends (all in good fun)

Plus, you get to listen to over 50 talks from notable speakers.  Come one, come ya’ll!

What’s Up with Industry Giants 2013?

Industry GiantsFor the uninitiated, Industry Giants is a conference that specializes in bringing top speakers from the animation, gaming, and special effects industries.  At last year’s conference, you could have listened to the artist that drew The Incredible Hulk for The Avengers or seen a Pixar artist showcase how light and shadow is used for storytelling in Up, Wall-E, and Toy Story.

How does Industry Giants fit into Big Design?  Or Vice Versa?

The team-up between Industry Giants and Big Design is a natural thing.  We are all “brothers of a different mother.”  At Industry Giants, you will see speakers talk about sketching, storyboarding, layering, shadowing, light, shadow, movement, flow, words, typography, sound, research, perspective, and more.  You would hear similar conversations from the designers at Big Design, too.

In addition, the designers at both conferences use the same tools, techniques, and methods.  Adobe and Autodesk tools are used by both crowds.  Layering, drop shadow, and color bleeds are techniques used by both crowds.  Personas, storyboarding, sketching, and user testing are methods used by both crowds.

The mixture of these different design disciplines will lead to some interesting conversations.  You will want to attend some sessions at Industry Giants. The cool thing is their conference is right across the hall on Saturday, October 19th.

Plus, you can learn some sketching secrets from industry artists (who have worked at major studios like Disney and Pixar) on Sunday, October 20th.  These are Industry Giants Master Classes.  The organizers are finalizing their plans now.  Look for more details soon.

Big Design Conference and Industry Giants are teaming up for a four-day extravaganza on October 17-20, 2013.  Stay tuned for more details.  Tell your friends.

It’s like Woodstock without the music!  Four days, man.  Four days.

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