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February 19: Top 10 Best Practices for Video and UX

J. SchuhFor its meeting on February 19th, the UX Dallas Meetup Group will proudly have J. Schuh present his Top 10 Best Practices for Video and UX.  For those who do not know him, J. Schuh creates animated shorts and cartoons in his daily work. His work has appeared on Fox and Comedy Central. He is currently working on a documentary and a book.  In addition, you can find him organizing the Industry Giants Conference, which is teaming up with the Big Design Conference this year.

For the past few years, his work has been around animated shorts, marketing videos, motion graphics, and film. J. Schuh is going to let you know about the Top 10 Best Practices for incorporating video into your user experiences.  Currently, we have over 90 people signed up for this talk.  It will be standing room only.

What’s the Importance of Video and UX?

Several people have asked about the importance of video and UX.  Many UX designers fail to see the importance of this topic.  Here are a few reasons why this topic is very important now:

  • Laptops, phones, and tablets have built-in video devices.
  • Tech-savvy consumers have four different ways to take video (cameras, phones, tablets, laptops).
  • Streaming video consumes over 30% of the Internet bandwith in the US every evening.
  • Vimeo, Miveo, You Tube, Facebook, and WordPress support fast upload of video.
  • Some of the most popular apps are video-related in the App Store.
  • You Tube is one of the Top 5 search engines on the Internet.
  • Video provides an incredible amount of SEO, especially when you have captions and transcripts.
  • Delivery devices support a “second screen experience” now, where you watch on one device and interact on a second one.

While you may not be directly supporting or designing a video site, you will, more than likely, end up encountering video in your designs.  The future is being created now.

Sign up for the UX Dallas Meetup Group to attend this talk on February 19th.  See you there.


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