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Todd Zaki Warfel Closes Day 1 of Big Design 2013

Todd Zaki WarfelYour closing keynote speaker for Day 1 of Big Design is Todd Zaki Warfel.  You are going to love Todd!  He is an author, designer, foodie, researcher, UX nerd, sketcher, prototyper, and more.  Todd plays a mean game of Texas Hold’em, enjoys barbeque, and loves to talk about guerrilla research methods, HTML5, and prototyping.

Recently, Todd has been tackling some wicked design issues with Big Data.  Todd leads the design effort for This product includes a public profile with the latest event automatically curated from any social network, a personal stats dashboard showing recent activity, and a fully integrated timeline across social services.

Why Todd Loves Prototyping?

Todd started prototyping in art school because he always liked to tinker with his hands. Todd’s grandfather was a wood worker, so young Todd would just sit in the shop and watch his grandpa make stuff. He would alwys be drawing in his grandpa’s workshop.  As it turned out, Todd liked to draw and work with his hands.  When he grew up, sketching and prototyping were just part of his process.

Check out this short video where Todd works with other designers to sketch and prototype:

You are going to love this talk!  See him close out Day 1 of Big Design 2013 on Friday, October 18th.

Get your tickets today.

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