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Big Design 2013 Speakers Announced

Nathan ShedroffWe wanted to go ahead and let you know about some of the cool speakers and sessions that you will see at the Big Design Conference 2013.  Browse this list to see all of the cool authors and notable speakers coming to the conference.

NOTE:  We will be adding more speakers, more sessions, and few surprises soon, too.

With this great lineup (and more to come), we are going to sell out this year.  We have already sold over 300 tickets.  Check the lineup, and be sure to…..Buy a ticket today!  You don’t want to miss out.

Keynote Speakers

  • Nathan Shedroff (author of Make It So)
  • Todd Zaki Warfel (author of Rapid Prototyping)
  • Chris Fowler (Pixar Studios)
  • Brandon Oldenburg (Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short)

Inspirational Design

  • Elizabeth Rosenzweig (Solving the Big Problem: The UX of Medicare)
  • Lana Voynova (RxUx: Why UX Designers Need to Be Involved in Healthcare)
  • Preston McCauley (The Story behind Project Storytime: Building An App For Children)

Content Strategy

  • Rahel Anne Bailie (author, Content Strategy)
  • Steve Floyd (The Bruce Lee Guide to Strategic Content)
  • Theresa Putkey (Key Pointe Consulting)
  • Austin Govella (author, Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web)
  • Laura Creekmore (Understanding Your Audience’s Content Needs)

Mobile Design

  • Jason Vasilas (UX Research in the New Multi-Screen World)
  • Kathryn Rotondo (Designing Apps for Little Fingers)
  • Theresa Neil (Cross Platform Design Strategy)
  • Sung Kim (The Next Mobile Experience)
  • Eric Swayne (Designing for Data)

Web Design

  • Brad Nunnally (Layers of Prototyping)
  • Daniel Burwen (Creative Director, Cognito Comics)
  • Traci Lepore (How the Role We Play in the Ensemble Drives the Vision of UX at Your Company)
  • Ian Fenn (Getting UX Done:  Dealing with Stakeholders and Experts)
  • Alberta Soranzo (Unicorns and Other Wild Things)
  • Jonathan Isernhagen (Director, Marketing Analysis at Travelocity)


  • Eric Reiss (author of Usable Usability)
  • Kyle Soucy (Founding Principal, Usable Interfaces)
  • Ben Judy (Usability & Innovation with James Bond Gadgets)
  • Russ Unger (author of Project Guide to UX Design and Designing the Conversation)
  • Fiona Tranquada (author of Moderator’s Survival Guide)
  • Tracy Nolte (UX Manager, Slalom Consulting)

Design Thinking

  • Mel Lim (Designing Life & Brands Through Aspirations)
  • Bill Scott (author of Designing Web Interfaces)
  • Nick Finck (Director of UX, projekt202)
  • Stephen Anderson (author of Seductive Interactions)
  • Jeff Gothelf (author of Lean UX)


  • Dave Stokes (Scaling Your MySQL)
  • Ken Tabor (Hammering Responsive Web Design Into Shape)
  • Paul Goode (Program or Be Programmed)

Design Tools

  • AJ Wood (Secrets of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite)
  • Sharon Rush (Designing and Developing for Accessibility on iPads and iPhones)

Register Today

Cool list of speakers, eh?  We are going to sell out.  Buy a ticket today!

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