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Why I Cried When I Looked at the Big Design Schedule?

brian-sullivanAn honest confession:  I rarely cry.  It does not mean that I am not emotional or passionate.  It is just not in my nature.  I cried at my wedding.  I weeped at my son’s birth.  I laughed so hard that I cried when I first saw The Wedding Crashers.   To my chagrin, I cried when I saw the schedule for Big Design 2013.

No marketing ploy here.  Honest.  Tears of joy!

Design Talks:  A Big Design Icon Served Up Hourly

On Saturday, October 19th, you really do not need to leave the Design talks because each speaker is awesome.  Here is your line-up:

  1. Russ Unger
  2. Bill Scott
  3. Alberta Soranza
  4. Nick Finck
  5. Stephen Anderson

These speakers are sandwiched between Chris Fowler (Pixar Studios) and Brandon Oldenberg (Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short).  I think this one track alone will give you killer talks from leading thinkers.

When I saw this set of speakers, I cried.  It was happiness, elation, shock, joy, and awe.

Variety of Topics

Adam Polansky and Keith Anderson worked extremely hard to include an impressive variety of talks at this conference.  Adam Polansky organized the Cranky Talk Workshop. Keith Anderson worked on the Content Strategy track. Both of these gentlemen handled over 75% of the talks.  The schedule reflects the diversity of their choices and the strong topics were submitted.  The multitude of topics include:

  • Designing for Second Screen Experiences
  • Solving the Big Problem: The UX of Medicare
  • Marketing Your Indie Game
  • Understanding Your Audience’s Content Needs
  • Program or Be Programmed
  • Unintended Design: What to Do When Customers Use Your Product in Unexpected Ways
  • Designing Apps for Little Fingers
  • Latest Storyboarding Tools You Should Be Using
  • Tips and Tricks for Digital Publishing
  • Moderator’s Survival Guide to UX Research
  • Developing Cross Channel Experiences
  • Usability and Innovation of James Bond Gadgets

And, there are still over 50 other talks at the conference

Shall We Play a Game?

Myke Sanders and Kevin O’Gorman have adding so much to the gaming stuff at the conference that you will be amazed.  To name a few things:

  1. Organizing two game tracks for October 18th and 19th
  2. Gaming Room on October 19th, where you can play some cool games
  3. Game Jam in the weeks before the conference, where developers will be creating games
  4. Game Jam Post-Mortem to let you know what happened before the conference
  5. Game Truck on October 19th to play video games
  6. They are even talking about a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament

Shall we play game?  You betcha.

What You Should Do

I rarely cry.  Almost never.

The Design Track on Saturday, October 19th did it for me.  The variety of talks and the game activities are overwhelming, too.

NOTE:  Wait until, you hear about Industry Giants and the trade show soon.

The conference is going to sell out!  We already have over 400 tickets sold.

If you miss out, you will be the person crying.

Register today.









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