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October 17: Prototyping Essentials–Making Your Ideas Interactive

prototypingPaper prototyping is a quick and easy way to communicate your design ideas, but using paper to describe interactive behaviors can be challenging. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive prototype could be worth millions! Enter Axure, one of the most popular and powerful interactive prototyping tools for the UX professional.  This workshop will give you hands-on training to create your own interactive wireframes and prototypes using Axure RP Pro.

We’ll cover the best uses for Axure and introduce you to the user interface. From there we’ll layout and create a wireframe using the most common elements, then add interactivity. We’ll get you started using some of the most powerful interactive features in Axure including masters, dynamic panels and variables. Can you learn everything Axure in one day? Of course not, but you’ll walk out with a solid foundation, ready to add this to your UX toolbox.

Your Instructor

Jo Anne Wright is an Interaction Designer with over 10 years of experience developing prototypes.  Jo Anne is master with Axure RP Pro.  Within a few hours, she can quickly develop a working prototype of ideas that you might have on a white board.  Jo Anne is a passionate advocate for getting direct feedback from users, where having a functioning prototype is very important.

Jo Anne has worked in a variety of industries including travel, retail, merchandising, education, and the US government.  She enjoys collaborating with business owners, designers, developers, and quality control to ensure smooth implementation of design recommendations.  Prototyping is one of her specialties.  Jo Anne is also an expert in Instructional Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Usability.  She’s pretty good at Texas Hold’em, too.

Register for a Workshop

You have several great workshops on October 17th:

Plus, you have this prototyping workshop, too.  Limited seating for each workshop.

If you have been needing an excuse to register for the conference, these workshops will give you critical skills to be successful at your job.  We got you covered:

  • The UX Workshop teachea you how to build consensus and get user requirements.
  • Prototyping Essentials teaches you how to build an interactive prototype from a white board sketch.
  • Usable Usability gives you several tactics for building quick, lean usability into your projects.
  • Potential speakers can learn tips and tracks from industry experts.  Plus, this class is free (if you are accepted).

We got you covered.  Register today!

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