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Regular Registration Extended to September 15th

September 15thLabor Day and Back-to-School are still fresh in everyone’s minds.  We have decided to push back regular registration for Big Design Conference 2013 to midnight on September 15th.  Hopefully, parents and kids will be back into their school routine.  Plus, you can make some last minute appeals to your boss (or spouse) about attending this year’s conference.  Be sure to register today!

Check out these Pre-Conference Workshops

On October 17th, you can choose between three great pre-conference workshops:

If you want to learn what it takes to speak at a major conference, we are offering a free workshop called the Cranky Talk Workshop.  Only 12 people get selected for this workshop, so you need to submit your entry.

Be Tired and Inspired (Get a Room)

Here are 10 reasons to get a hotel room for Big Design Conference:

  1. You do not miss any networking opportunities.
  2. You are within “staggering” distance of your room.  No need to drive.
  3. The rate is awesome.  It is just $89 per night.
  4. You help us to keep costs low.  We need to sell 300 room nights.
  5. You treat this local conference like any other one.
  6. Your work will pay for it.  We hope!
  7. You do not miss any parties at the hotel.
  8. Traffic can be such a whip in the morning in Texas.
  9. Treat yourself!  You deserve it!
  10. The hotel has just been re-modeled.  It is time to really break it in.  Let’s get rid of that “new car” smell.
Seriously, even one room night helps out.  We have a ton of special events at the hotel. Plus, we already know of 3 or 4 parties being put on by the sponsors.

The Quickest Way to Get Your Room

Follow these steps to get that great rate for Big Design 2013:
  1. Go to the Crowne Plaza website.
  2. Enter the dates you want to stay for the Big Design Conference.
  3. Enter Group Code BDC.

NOTE:  Maybe, an 11th reason to get a room is that COUPON code (BDC).  Everyone loves coupons.

See you soon!

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