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Speaker Spotlight: Stephen Anderson and Micro-moments

Stephen Anderson
As a general rule, the Big Design Conference has made an effort to bring in fresh speakers each year.  The exception to this rule is:  Stephen Anderson.  For those who know Stephen, you know that he brings fresh ideas with every talk and special insights that you will not get from anyone else.
Personally, I think Stephen is a gifted teacher, who happens to be a first-rate designer.  Plus, he is one of the original co-founders of the Big Design Conference.  You will enjoy all of his talks, but he really pulled out all of the UX stops this year.  Get your ticket today!

Designing for Micromoments: Tiny Interactions with Big Payoffs

Stephen describes this talk in the following way.
Question: How many of us treat interaction design like a conversation? It’s a simple premise, certainly nothing new, and yet… When you design in this way, a curious thing happens: your focus shifts from “what” is being designed (features and user stories) to “how” to best design that interaction. Otherwise unseen design problems become obvious; more importantly, we surface the subtle details that make for a great experience.
In this session, Stephen P. Anderson will share a no-nonsense approach to UX design—one that doesn’t get distracted by checkboxes or diluted deliverables—along with dozens of examples of what it means to design for the “micro-moments” that make (or break) an experience. We’re certain you’ll be inspired by his examples, stories and practical tips. We’ve heard there may even be some role-playing involved!

About Stephen Anderson

For those of you who do not know, check out this guy’s bio.

Stephen P. Anderson is an internationally recognized speaker and consultant based out of Dallas, Texas. He created the Mental Notes card deck, a tool that’s widely used by product teams to apply psychology to interaction design. He’s also of the author of the book Seductive Interaction Design, which answers the question: “How do we get people to fall in love with our applications?”

Between public speaking and project work, Stephen offers workshops and training to help organizations manage creative teams, create interactive visualizations, and design better customer experiences.

I would include that Stephen is a co-founder of the Big Design Conference, too.



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