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What’s in the Big Design Game Room?

diceYou can play some cool games in the Big Design Game Room on Saturday, October 19th.  Role2Play is a local board gaming store, which has a large game library that they are bringing to the conference.  We will have tables where Role2Play employees will show you how to play these games.  You can check them out and challenge your new friends.

4 Spotlighted Games in Big Design Game Room

Besides getting demos of these cool games, we are spotlighting 4 games spotlighted every two hours.  During these times, you actually talk to the game designer that helped to build the game.  We are spotlighting these games in the Big Design Game Room:

  • 9:00am – Wrangled! with Jessica Nida.
    Wrangled! is a fast-paced card game of Cowboys and Cattledrives for 2-4 players that takes about 30-45 minutes to play. You can Draw, Trade, Build, or Attack on your turn.  Use either Cow or Cowboy cards in your hand to score points on the Cattledrive that forms during the game. Have the most Claimed Cows at the end of the game to win!
  • 11:00am – Dragon Valley with C.W. Karstens.
    In Dragon Valley, you divide items such as knights and archers, building materials for blacksmith shops and towers, special powers and attackers. Your attackers include dragons, orcs and battering rams that emerge from mountain passes into each player’s lands. After dividing, other players select the group of items they prefer and leave the remainder with the player. Use special cards to interfere with each others plans.  Let the battle of Dragon Valley begin…..Setup your defense!  Destroy your attackers! Lay siege on the orcs!
  • 1:00pm – Counterblast with Brett Amundson.  COUNTERBLAST is retro-inspired science fiction tabletop skirmish battle game with miniatures.  Think about all of those classic pulp, sci-fi adventures filled with fast paced action, cinematic thrills, narrow escapes, and epic battles.  You’ll love the miniatures, the settings, the stories, and more.  Lasers set to kill, amigo!
  • 3:00pm – Pillage! with David Villegas.
    Pillage! It’s your chance to pillage jewels from neighboring castles and make it back to your own before the other knights do. You can be sent back to your castle without any jewels if you get caught or jousted with and lose. You can choose many paths, but some will be blocked.   You have 2 knights to control.  Use one knight as a road block or castle defender, while you unleash the other knight to pillage, pillage, pillage.


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