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Speaker Spotlight: Paul Goode on Program or Be Programmed

Paul_GoodePaul Goode will presenting a brutually honest and refreshing look at the impact of design on interpersonal relationships in Program or Be Programmed: One Man’s Journey for Spiritual Peace Amidst Technology, Mass Media, and Consumerism.  Be warned this will be a fresh look at the impact of how design affects people, culture, and society.  It is not another technical talk.  Frank. Honest.  Discussion.

We love it!  Check out the description below….

You probably know some people, who are more emotionally invested in technology than people.   They wait in line for the latest gadget.  They proudly wear the brand of a technology company.   Rather than talk to another human being, people use technology to Share, Like, Tweet, and Pin.  First, you wear technology.  Then, you ingest.  Are you ready for the next wave?

Program or Be Programmed will go on a visual, and hyperlinked exploration, into the intersections of technology, artificial intelligence, user experience, spirituality, consciousness, creation, surveillance, cybernetics, mind control, mysticism, life extension, aliens, space travel, super humans, and Jesus. Join this session as a Paul Goode goes on one artist’s journey to find answers to life’s most stubborn questions.

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