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Speaker Spotlight: Kyle Henderson and Building Apps with Agile Methods

Kyle HendersonWith more and more mobile devices sprouting up daily, there’s no doubt that they impact our lives like never before. With the rise in devices, there’s been a subsequent rise in prioritizing the mobile user experience. Whether you’re building a product, website or service, it’s important to consider how your users or customers will interact on mobile. So how you go about building a great mobile experience? By employing agile research methods and tools, you can build an amazing one very quickly.

In this talk, Kyle Henderson, CEO and Co-Founder of YouEye, will present actionable agile methods and tools for building great mobile experiences. He’ll walk through and explain the value of having a responsive and native presence for your company. Finally, he’ll run through an agile development process and discuss how mobile designers and developers can benefit from using various tools. After his talk, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to start iterating on and building great mobile experiences.

If you are doing agile research or working with tight deadlines, you will want to see this no-nonsense talk on how to get stuff done for mobile projects.

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