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Seven Things To Do Before Lunch on Saturday, October 19

Big Design ConferenceAt Big Design 2013, you always alot of things to do every hour.  On Saturday, October 19th, you have these seven great talks:

  • Anti-Patterns: Stifling Lean UX by Bill Scott.
    Things that stifle lean UX teams and how to over-come them.
  • The  Game Law Panel hosted by Mark Methenitis.
    Mark Methinitis, J. Holt Foster III, &Keith Robinson talk game law.
  • Designing Apps for Little Fingers by Kathryn Rotondo.
    Ways to increase satisfaction and decrease pain for young users.
  • Collage: Answer the Unknowns by Kyle Soucy.
    Get the answers to questions you did not know to ask.
  • Game Mechanisms to Use by Kevin Nunn.
    Learn about cool tabletop mechanisms not used alot.
  • Designing for Second Screens by J. Henderson.
    How to design experiences with a second screen.
  • Dragon Valley by CW Karstens.
    Swords and Sorcery game.  Learn to play & ask designer.

Besides these great talks, you can visit the Big Design Trade Show.  You can check out players in the Hospitality Suite, playing Artemis (where several people fly a starship). Or,you can chll out at the Crowne Plaza Bar with a new friend.

What are you going do?

Register today!

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