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Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Burwen and Interactive Stories

daniel burwinDaniel Burwen is the Creative Director at Cognito Comics. He has over 10 years experience in art production across various industries including Games, Motion Graphics, Animation, Design, Apps, and Comics. He possesses the critical skills for building, training, and directing creative teams with a focus on tablet based media and realtime 3D. His latest project is an award winning 210 page interactive graphic novel built on Unity for the iPad.

You will find Daniel speaking at alot of great industry events. He loves to learn and teach, too.  In his past, he has been an Instructor at the California College of Arts and the Art Institute.  Daniel is a man of many talents and interests.  You do not want to miss his talk.

Defining and Exploring the Elements and Spaces of Interactive Stories

In this talk, Daniel Burwen, creative director on the groundbreaking CIA : Operation Ajax, will delve into the separate elements that make up interactive storytelling today. Case studies will be given for both success and failure across the multiple screens and spaces these stories are experienced, with the intention of helping define some rules and guidelines for anyone looking to combine Interface and Narrative in new and meaningful ways.

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