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Panel Spotlight: The Humanity of UX

Adam-PolanskyOh, the humanity!  This is the first time that we have ever done a Panel Spotlight.  We really love this particular panel topic because it about feeling empathy for the multiple stakeholders that make up a User Experience.  Plus, it is being hosted by one of our favorite people, too.

In this panel, Adam Polansky leads a discussion with several designers, developers, and project managers from the uber-cool, state-of-the-art company called Bottle Rocket Apps.  Adam is one of the organizers for this year’s conference.  Plus, many of you have seen him speak at many events–SxSW Interactive, Lava Con, IA Summit, UXPA, and Big Design.  Check out the description of this panel below.

Panel: The Humanity of UX

As a human being, you experience things. Some experiences are great. Others suck.  As humans, we really love it when experiences are crafted with us in mind. When we feel paid attention to, when our wants and needs are anticipated.

User experience professionals talk a lot about users and their experiences. Mostly, we consider those who use the products we design: the gamers, the consumers, the audience.

But…what about the humans behind the experiences? Your clients? Your project team? How often do you think about, let-alone discuss, what steps you can take to craft the experience of your stakeholders and co-workers when they work with you?

Bottle Rocket is responsible for some of the most recognizable Apple and Android apps in the world today for clients like Starwood Hotels, Lego, Showtime and The Discovery Channel. Their culture is built on one idea: we’re in the business of creating great experiences. From the smallest details when a client visits the offices for the first time to the the extra effort that goes into the fit and finish of every app.  We all know that simple, beautiful moments take a lot of hard work. More importantly, we realize it takes empathy. And a profound awareness of context.

Join us for a discussion panel with a team of Bottle Rocket’s best as we look more closely at “The Humanity behind the UX”.

Get your tickets today!

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