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Speaker Spotlight: HTML5 and the Mobile Landscape

Nathan Smith

HTML5 has helped to significantly redefine the mobile landscape.  Your first talk in the Mobile track talks about HTML5 can and cannot do.  Plus, it done by two awesome speakers: Nathan Smith and Matt Baxter.  If you only go to one mobile talk, this is the one to see. Here is how Nathan describes the talk.

Depending on who you ask, HTML5 is either the pinnacle of open technologies, or a tellt-ale reason so many mobile apps suck. After an awkward adolescence, from HTML to XHTML and back again, battle lines have been drawn around this revitalized contender named HTML5. Even supposing a victory is possible, is it winner-take-all? In this talk, Nathan Smith and Matt Baxter look at various approaches to mobile development: from responsive sites, to native apps, and what role HTML5 has to play.

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