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April 11th: Speaker’s Boot Camp Dallas

Speak at Big DesignIt is an honor to speak at an industry event. This speaker’s boot camp shows you how to submit, prepare, and delivery a talk that people will remember. When you deliver a talk that resonates, you can  be capitulated into a thought leader, writer, keynote speaker, and more.
The harsh reality of speaking at these events include:
  • Many submitted topics are never chosen.
  • Most speakers have not spent time preparing.
  • Slides look like “death by bullet points.”
  • Speakers use inappropriate images, language, or videos.
  • Some talks sound like sales pitches.
  • A joke goes horribly wrong with an audience.
  • Speakers do not deliver key content in a timely manner.
  • Some speakers do not show up.
In this workshop, Brian Sullivan (Founder, Big Design Conference) and J. Schuh (Co-Founder, Industry Giants Conference) share their secrets of successful presenters and quality presentations. In this workshop, you will learn:
  • How to avoid the hurdles of submitted your proposal
  • Ways to tailor your talk to the audience
  • Tips and tricks to speed up your research
  • Discover ways to structure your slides to make them more compelling
  • Proven methods to engage your audience
  • Ways to make your talk resonate after you deliver it
  • How to manage the social media channel before and after your talk
  • Methods to strengthen your brand and attract new followers
By adopting these proven strategies, you will increase your chances of being selected and remembered, rather than rejected and forgotten.
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  1. Gary Coyne

    Hi Brian,

    I’m taking this off of the SlideShare site. Yes I was at the ACP/AUG session today and noticed the link to this talk. I didn’t have a chance to see it until much later in the day and chose to comment. (In fact, I had to struggle a bit to remember where I had seen the link!).



    1. Hi, Gary —

      I actually think it is fine to leave up there. We debated on whether to include it, too. For the people that attended both Design Like Da Vinci and Produce Like Picasso, those slides were fine (at least, they told us that). I can see how they are confusing without the context.


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