Speaker Submission Deadline is May 15th

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Speaker Submission Deadline is May 15th

Big Design and Industry Giants Team UpThe deadline to submit your proposal to Big Design Conference 2014 is May 15th. We have received many great submissions already. But, it is not too late to submit your talk!

As always, you will see a mix of industry speakers and new voices. As geeks, we love to hear about trends, new techniques, best practices, case studies, tools, methods, inspirational talks, and tips & tricks.


Conference Theme is Collaboration

It takes a village!  Hopefully, the village people will not be fighting (pun intended).

In all seriousness, collaboration is extremely important. You have to be able to effectively collaborate with the person next to you, through email, in the another building, through instant messaging, or in another country.

Remote collaboration is made easier with technology. Almost every designer I know will:

  • Store files online for another person to access
  • Use a hangout with remote participants
  • Share their desktop with a remote worker
  • Open a chat window for a private conversation

Effective collaboration is hard, though. We want to focus some of the talks on this important topic.

Conference Tracks

As always, the conference has certain tracks.  We have added two new tracks, which we think are very important.  For Big Design 2014, our tracks include:

  • Social Marketing and SEO (new track)
  • Instructional Design (new track)
  • Usability
  • Mobile Design
  • Development
  • Game Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Tools & Tactics
  • Inspirational Design

As always, we want talks on sustainability, accessibility, startups, and more. The speaker submission deadline is May 15th.

So, submit your talk!

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