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First 25 Speakers Announced for Big Design 2014

Speak at Big DesignWe want to thank everyone for submitting, so many great talks this year.  We had over 150 different submissions from students, entrepreneurs, managers, non-profits, and more. We are continuing to go through the various submissions to put them into our schedule. If you do not see your name, do not worry!  This is just the first 25 speakers.

Your First 25 Speakers at Big Design 2014

See if you recognize some of the names in our the first 25 speakers below:

  • Stephen Anderson
  • Burin Asavesna
  • Matt Baxter
  • Alan Baumgarten
  • Candy Bernhardt
  • Tom Bowen
  • Tony Cecala
  • Lissa Duty
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Benjamin Judy
  • Jon Kolko
  • Cory Lebson
  • Chelsea Maxwell
  • Preston McCauley
  • Sean Moubry
  • John Nossal
  • Brad Nunnally
  • Amy Silvers
  • Nathan Smith
  • Dan Sturdivant
  • Ken Tabor
  • Russ Unger
  • Michael Vaughn
  • Brandon Ward
  • Jeff Whitfield
  • Jo Anne Wright

10 Cool Topics to See at Big Design 2014

Here are 10 cool topics from some of the hottest speakers at the conference:

  • What’s Before Mobile First?
  • Building Time Machines: Creating Time Responsive Sites
  • Designing for Experts: You Need a Different Playbook
  • Bringing the User Back to User Experience
  • Learn, Question, Create, Test and Pitch: How to Build Your Own Innovation
  • Content Discovery Optimization is the New SEO
  • Introverts & Extroverts: Extreme UX Personalities
  • Front-End of Future Past: How We Got Here and Where We are Going
  • The UX-men: Deconstructing the User Experience of Comic Books
  • Inspiring Confidence: 5 Strategies to Establish User Trust in Your Website

Register Today

More talks will be announced soon.  Super early bird tickets run through May 31st. It is the lowest cost for the conference righ tnow.  Get your tickets today!

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