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Designing for Time Travel: When Responsive Design Is Not Enough

TimeAt the Big Design Conference 2014, we strive to fin unique talks that you will not find at other conferences.  We will be doing weekly spotlights on the different talks that you will find at the conference.  So, let’s go back to future, leap to the past, or live in the now with: Designing for Time Travel by Burin Asavesna.  Here is how Burin describes this talk.

Conferences, sporting events, weddings, and vacation are just a few examples of time-sensitive events. For the past few years, designers have spent their time talking about responsive design to optimize the experience for the device a customer uses.

What responsive design approaches do we have for time? Is there such a thing as a media query for time? What are some good examples of time-responsive design?

While you will not learn how to build a time machine, you will learn the following things in this talk:

  • Learn about the challenges faced when designing sites that need to respond to time
  • Review of tools and techniques to use that help websites become more dynamic
  • See a real-world example of a time-responsive wedding site
  • Learn about how the Olympics site could have been designed with time-based responsiveness

Your customers want a different experience: 6 months out, 3 months out, a week before, the night before, the day of, a week after, and way-way after. Time is the next frontier in responsive design.

About Burin Asavesna

Burin Asavesna is a software developer currently hacking on JavaScript-heavy mobile apps, including the recent TripCase redesign. With a calm and cool demeanor, Burin has the heart of a champion, mind of scientist, wicked design skills, and coding chops of a seasoned hacker. When he’s not racking his brain on JavaScript, he’s usually impersonating a Rubyist or trying to decide whether he’s still considered a “designer” (which is completely laughable).  On most days, you will find him neck deep in mobile app design and development.

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