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A Designer’s Workflow for HTML Emails in a Rails App by Tyler Lee

email_iconWriting HTML emails can be a mundane and super hard task. Over the past few years, Tyler Lee has created a designer’s workflow to overcome many known problems.  In this talk, Tyler will cover how his designer’s workflow accounts for Inline Styles, Tables, Cross-Client Testing, and so on.  Plus, he will talk about tips, tricks, and techniques for handling scaling issues with HTML emails.

Besides creating a design workflow, Tyler actually developed an email app to help marketers quickly manage the tasks associated with handling over 100,000+ emails being sent per day.  As you can imagine, making any changes to those emails could be a hair-raising exercise.

Tyler created a new plan, used new tools (pre-mailer) , crafted some handy rake tasks to help us test, and just rethought his structure a little bit. Let’s talk about the mundane HTML email writing we can’t get away from, and the time-saving changes we made to our rails app to make my life easier.

This is the designer’s process for getting an email into the hands of a user!

About Tyler Lee

Tyler was born and raised in Dallas before he ventured off to the design-haven that is Austin for his 4 years (and change) at the University of Texas.

Since leaving school Tyler has worked with OrgSync Inc here in Dallas as it’s grown from a startup just out of a house to now 3 million users across 400 college campuses around the world. His current role is mostly as a UI Designer but he likes to get his hands dirty in as much code as possible (only to later be yelled at by the real devs).

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