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Scientist to Storyteller by Eric Swayne

scientistIt’s uncomfortable for Eric Swayne to admit this: Analysts aren’t paid for the elegance of their Python, the resplendence of their R, or even the complexity of their CSV files. But after years of leading social analytics and research teams, and even architecting the platforms they use, he has come to a harsh reality: I and my fellow Analysts are paid for the meeting AFTER the report. The meeting where the C-suite actually remembers what we said, why it was important, and decides to apply it in a business decision.

So join Eric in a session where you will start from the analog human and work our way back to the digital data. He will unpack the biology, psychology, economics and Freakonomics that make humans tick. You will understand what a data-driven insight truly IS, and how you can help organizations not only understand it, but act on it. He will talk tools and tips, but most importantly, he will cover the techniques you can use to become an Agent of Change, rather than just a Janitor of Data.

About Eric Swayne

Eric_SwayneEric Swayne is the Director of Product Management for MutualMind, a Digital Strategist with BuzzShift and the Founder of DataNarrate, a marketing data consultancy. He is also a published author in marketing and business, award-winning front-end developer and guest blogger / subject expert for AdAge. He provides strategic thinking in all forms of digital media, as well as frameworks that leverage these channels to gain deeper insight from and relationship with consumers.

He has worked with clients across verticals including Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Best Buy, HP, Bank of America, H-E-B, SuperValu, Bicycle Playing Cards, Famous Footwear, Texas Instruments, American Airlines and the U.S. Treasury. Eric is also on the board of Digital Dallas, a collective group of 750+ members created to showcase great digital work within the DFW metroplex and connect together the digital talent making it happen. Eric graduated from Harding University with a BA in Communication Management, and lives in Denton, TX with his wife and three children. Eric is passionate about holistic online marketing, TweetDeck, Google Chrome, Starcraft and original recipe Dr Pepper.

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